Streets I ran, this whole town
Backstreet's and all, I wanted to leave there
But no matter how fast I ran, my feet were glued
I just couldn't move there

I saw the hate and lots of people
I heard my name called above the noise
I tried to speak but my tongue was tied
Bumped into emptiness and started to cry, oh no

I saw the lights and the pretty girls
And I thought to myself what a pretty world
But there's something else here that puts me off
And I'm so scared dear, my love comes in frozen packs
Bought in a supermarket

Streets I ran, through wind and rain,
Around this place amongst streaming sunshine.
Scared I was, sweating now.
Feeling of doom, my bowels turned to water

I felt hot breath whisper in my ear
I looked for somewhere to hide but every wheres closed
I shut my eyes pretend not to be here
This feelings much to real to ever disappear, oh no


And I'm so scared dear
My love comes in frozen packs
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Dream Time Lyrics

The Jam – Dream Time Lyrics

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