When I love You
I feel butterflies inside my stomach
When I love you
I feel nervous everytime I'm around you
It doesn't make sense
But I really like you
What am I to do?
When I love you
I can feel happiness
When I love you
I feel like I'm in heaven
Lucky number seven
Times I've kissed you
Sometimes I wish I missed you
More and more
You made me feel like a king
A love that brings a ring
All because of you I sing
I can really can sing
All because of you
Oh What am I to do
All because you're gone
I sing an sad song
Until you come back
I'll begin to pack my bags with you
New York
Anywhere you wanna go
Oc Cali
So tell me where you wanna go
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When I Love U Lyrics

Jake Tracey – When I Love U Lyrics