What the game really need
Is the true voice of r&b
So I gave ya'll the chance to lead
Now that I'm back relax and breathe

[Verse 1]
Now guess who's back
That nigga with them platinum plaques
How you gon' deal with that
Tell me how you niggas wanna act
New deal, few mil, nigga check my stats
And I'm still on the block
Hustlin' just don't stop
How you think I iced the watch
And I still got whips to cop
Clowns gon' mess around
Have to lay em' down


[Verse 2]
I'm the same ol' cat
Same number, same hood
You know where I'm at
Yea, I wish a nigga would over react
Still gutta like a mother
Don't make me black
You don't want none of that
I represent this r&b... ya'll know this
How can you compete... I'm focused
And I'm thinking you should pack it up
Cause Jah got what they want (believe me)


[Verse 3]
I been sittin' back in the cut patiently waiting
Watching you close, learning from your mistakes and
They gased you up, now you sitting on E
I'm the new voice of r&b
I'm sick of this
And I just can't get with it
Hope you stacked up your chips
Now won't you sit back and breathe
Cause Jah got what they need

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Voice Of R&B Lyrics

Jaheim – Voice Of R&B Lyrics

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