Remedy, JE why'all
I know what it is
It's that jagged little thrill right here
Check this out

Do you think about it baby?

Do you think about it while your working
While you're working late?
Feeling like is it something, is it something more than this
Girl if you need somebody, I'ma bring the Don
So we can get our bubbles on
Chilled bottle of Perion
If you feel, if you feel like you're hungry
Hey baby I can cook you a meal
Pick you in an 'lac Deville, can't believe that I'm so real
Darling it's you I want and it's you I need
Girl I got the remedy

[Chorus: x2]
If you feel it
Girl I got the cure
And the key to your body
You know like when you're weak in your knees girl
It's me that makes you rush right now after work
Cause you feel it
I got it, the remedy, the remedy

In the morning when we wake up at sunrise, yeah
Relaxation over you body
You can't deny
want to leave, I'ma kiss you bye
I know last night did you right
I'm just tryin' be the man you like, girl
Baby got a feelin' you be feelin' me when you're at work today
Cause you know I did my thing
And whenever you need a cure
Just call me I'll be yours
Anytime you need a remedy baby

[Chorus: x2]

Day in, day out all I think about
Is the time I spend just loving you, my girl, my boo
Anything you need, I got the remedy
Yes I do, oh, oh, oh
Girl if it's love that you want from me
Then it's love I'm gonna provide, yeah
Said my arms are here
And they're open wide
I'll be your, your remedy

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Remedy Lyrics

Jagged Edge – Remedy Lyrics

Songwriters: JOHN COX
Remedy lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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