[Briody / Conklin]
MacBeth, MacBeth, beware MacDuff
Beware the Thane of Fife. Enough!
Where didst thou leave? Yet give warn
Why fear MacDuff? I need hear more!
Ye Macbeth you're kingship will stay
Til Birnam wood shall meet Dunsinane
Live on MacDuff, why should I fear
You too must die, My guilt to clear
I am MacBeth! I will stand strong! And forever reign
Laugh in the face of men who come to slay thee
No one of woman born may lay hands against thee
[MacBeth spoken]
"Then I will slay MacDuff and his family anon"
I am MacBeth, none will defy, even MacDuff
I seal a bond to rid this earth the name MacDuff
Time is now to strike his family down
I hear MacDuff has left them all alone
No talk of murders and dead
Retain the crown upon my head
I am Mac Beth. All testify I will survive
I crush the words those who defy. None left alive

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Three Voices Of Fate Lyrics

Jag Panzer – Three Voices Of Fate Lyrics