You take my breath away,
Everytime you speak.
You take my heart,
Everytime you look at me.
You take me to a safer place,
Everytime you touch my hand.

But you don't realize,
All that you do to me.
And you don't realize,
What we could be.
You don't understand,
The feelings I have for you.
And you don't understand,
Why I need you in my life.

You give me warmth inside my soul,
Everytime you laugh.
You give me all the happiness in the world,
Everytime you smile.
You give me another reason to live,
Everytime you say my name.


You make my world a better place,
Everytime you walk my way.
You make me see more clearly,
Everytime you make an opinion.
You mek a room become filled with laughter,
Everytime you make a joke.


You break my heart,
Everytime you tell me "You're not the one".
You break our friendship,
Everytime you insult my thoughts.
You break my happiness,
Everytime you go back to the one who hurt you the most.

[Chorus:] {changed}
What you don't see,
Is how much our love could be.
What you will never get,
Is that you can't get the same love from her.
What you will miss,
Is all the fun and happiness we could've had.
What you don't care about,
Is that I won't be there for you always.
What will happen,
Is I will leave you and all the grief you've put on me.
When this is all over I'm not gonna need you in my life anymore.
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Everytime Lyrics

Jacque Salazar – Everytime Lyrics

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