Bill lights a cigarette
Thinkin' that it might do him some good
Tammy comes over and sits right down beside
'Cuz she thinks she should

They don't know what they're gettin' into
Did you think they would?

Billy's just another boy
He's from the other side of the tracks
Well he's got his eye on a pretty little girl
But he's not so sure that she will lay down

Well she put up a fight
Like all the rest
In this worn out one light town
One light town

Well Tammy looks at Billy and says
"Hey darlin', you're my sweet"
Well, Billy he's acting cool'
So he smirks a soft one
Say's "darlin' that's real neat"

Think I'll go downtown
But me a beer and drink myself
Into next week

Billy rolls a crooked one
Ya he's gonna smoke it
And see where he can go
He's gonna lie out in an open field
And he don't give a damn
About the rain, the sleet or the snow

He's gonna leave this town behind him
Where he lands, baby, nobody knows
Nobody cares, nobody gives a damn
About the little boy down in Texas

Well the wind's gonna start to rumble
And those tumble weeds are going to roll
Well, that's when we're gonna to catch the next train to Boulder
We're gonna get out and take a long look around

Gonna dream about my buddy
Gonna dream about my friend
Gonna dream about ol' Billy
Way down there, stuck down there

That one light town
One light town
One light town

Light that cigarette
Here she comes
Take a one light train.
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One Light Town Lyrics

Jack Ingram – One Light Town Lyrics


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