Go harder than a virgin watching pornos
Ishaboi Kate injected with horse hormones
Need bitches? ET call hoes
Get a quick fix of that sticky date sauce yo

Fo' sho Ho, I friggen rule man
Rapid roll of death call me King man
Ya'll dudes stinge, I full force binge
Ya bitch pubes so long her minge gotta front fringe

Yeah seen her down by the river fool
I'm blowin' up, cokes drownin' in the Liverpool
Space bound, 'stound gals with the lyrics drooled
Yall browned, be crappin out a pissy stool

(Ahh did you like that?)

Poppin' bottles in the crib with ya bitch man
Wreakin' up in here 'cause this bitch got stinky pits man
I'm the best new motherfucking bangs
Belly full of chicken so ya can my shit stanks

I'm a god damned millionaire perving on birds
Too many drams in my mixed shit slurrin' my words
In da club yeah yeah we in the club
Sippin' turpentine for buzz and my butts shittin' on sluts

Give 'em a scrub 'cause they're covered in my feces
Ya boy eatin' fast food so poos be fuckin' beastly(Jeeezus)
Well enough of that shit
I'm in the drive through of Maccas bustin' buttery licks

Taste so sweet like nogurty Mars
Serve a three course meal in a couple of bars
Oh Crap, Kate better watch her body weeight
Stacked full plate 'cause it's the motherfuckin' sticky date

Sticky date, sticky date
Sippin on a Gatorade
Fix myself a sanga with cheese bangas and Marmalade
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Stiky Date Puddin Lyrics