[Music and lyrics by P. Sielck]
[All vocals by Piet]

Have I returned from the dead
A lightning was striking my head
Clarity's filling my mind
I am refined

Unlock the gate to reality
Leaving the maze to be free
Tangled in a realm
Of fantasy and dreams
Blinded by delusion and pain
I must escape - break the chain

Countless years
Of existence in the cold
Now I'm at the mercy
Of the one I've once controlled

From far beyond the ending of all time
I saw the light saving me from the night
Eternal slave your master has returned
Obey and release me
The prisoner of the void

Uhh, I've been traveling
The darkest dimension
A disembodied soul
In damnation
But then I found sanctuary
Peaceful rest in my own entity

Now I realize
We have reached the final shore
Oh, I can't allow him
To destroy it anymore

From far beyond

Demons of time I have felt your embrace
Out in the vastness now I know your face
Oh I gave into the power of thought
Now I must use it to leave my
Sepulchral vault

[Solo: Piet / both/ Kai]

From far beyond
The ending of all time
I saw the light
Saving me from the night
Eternal slave
Your master has returned
Hear my command

From far beyond
I have been seeing the light
Eternal gods
Hear my entreaty and free me
Release me from the void
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Prisoner Of The Void Lyrics

Iron Savior – Prisoner Of The Void Lyrics

Songwriters: PETER SIELCK
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