Watching the stars
As they pass by
An ocean of light
In the sky
So peaceful they look
But out in the black
The unknown prepares to attack
From nowhere they came
They broke through a gate
Now they are here to invade
They swallow up worlds
And spit out the bones
Grinded to dust and to stones
Seems we never will rest
We must fight - for eternity
Seems that fate has been writing
In blood - our destiny
Contortions -contortions of time
Contortions - a rip in the sky
Once again we have to stand
To defend
Raiders of time
You'll face your decline
Defiant we battle
The alien assault
Their thrust has to come
To a halt
Just like an agent
The enemies
Infected the entity
Like a disease
We will never give in
We must fight - for our liberty
Oh beware 'cause we'll pay back
In blood - of the enemy
In layering dimensions
Reality shifts
Continuums are merging
A fracture
In the line of the time
Seems we never will rest
In layering dimensions reality shifts
They're bending the line
They're the masters of time
Continuums are merging
They roke through a gate
Creating a fracture
In the line of the time
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Contortions Of Time Lyrics

Iron Savior – Contortions Of Time Lyrics

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