You're not important.
Being unique is a concept!
Yeah, it's you! Who are investing way too much time,
Over the uselessness of the self.
The guinea pig, nothing but another stupid loathful subject.
Say it, shout it, tell them! Say it, fuck it, shoot them!
And it compels you, the complete lack of goals and values.
Repeating without ever learning, futile attempts.
To change your condition, lame as ever.
To leave the cushion comfort of your flat existence,
What a curious thought? Isn't it?
Under the gaze of a lavish sky, how can you not feel humble?
You're so pretty in pink,
I think I'll grab myself a cold one and watch you explode...
Except I'm no messiah, well damn...
Come to think about it, I still own my. 357. Shout it, shoot it, human!
Think about it you fuck and shoot them!
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The Death Of One Man Is A Tragedy, The… Lyrics

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