If you put sand in your car you wouldn't get very far
Swimming with lead on your feet you'd be headed for defeat
So when it comes to your body the same principal applies
Make the right choice when you're thinking of supplies

Gimme some cool fuel for my feet
Cause I dig that crazy beat
I need energy to play
So won't you help me on my way
Just give me 2 & 5
Set my engines alive
I'm never too long in my seat
When I've had cool fuel for my feet

I love to jump, I love to run
Play sports and swim and just have fun
I love to climb and I love to swing
And I want enough energy to do everything!


Don't want to be time bomb waiting to explode
Eating too much junk food and carrying a heavy load
Can't become a couch potato lost in computers and TV
I'll find a healthy balance and be happy being me
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Cool Fuel For My Feet Lyrics

Inspector Pickles – Cool Fuel For My Feet Lyrics