Stop the bus, violent j comes outBarrels to your chestAnd blow your lungs outMotherfuck a fucking hickI’ll kick you in the mouth, swell your fucking lips upYou swallow them teeth when I doAnd me and my boys will run a train on your felma lipThen break her fucking backGoddamn bigots ain’t all thatSo I’m a cut your brain outReach in and pull your spine outWelcome to the carnival showYou’re invited, you and your bitch floAnd the wicked clowns gonna jeckCut your lights off and if you crawl backDon’t step to the city folkBitch, that’s how you got your titties brokeSo get back on your ardvarkDon’t let me see a bigot coming through clark parkCut his neck with my good bladeThirty-four years old, still in the third gradeYes, speaking on othersLook at your hootnannyass motherfuckerAnd your billy bitch heyFuck both ya and your rebel flagFuck your rebel flag (8x)Been down south you can’t tell meHillbilly hillbilly hillbillyUncle willy acting illyOld bitch cooking up fiddlesThat fuck on the porch playing the fiddleYou know I’d love to show you that ghetto styleTake you out back and throw you in the shit pileLife in the inner cityI’d whip your ass, but you’re all shitty and funkyLike the pigs you eatPicking that shit off them yellow feetDon’t step or so much as coughOr I’m a shoot you in the back until your chest falls offWhat you say ain’t always hypeSo I’m a slap you in the face with a lead pipeTeach the kids what pops taught youAnd he’s a funky-ass bigot tooFell short other do respectDon’t speak when I slap you in your red neckFuck all that bullshit you stuck onGet back on your mule and get the fuck onDon’t look back, I’m a hit yaTake that red neck bitch out with yaSpit on your rebel ragsSo fuck you and your rebel flagWilbur - I’m a cut his neckHaus - I’m a break his backGuber - I’m a stab his faceJed - I’m a slit his throatFelma lou - I’m a fuck her in the assHillbillies listening down southI’m up and I’m headed for the southFinna blow a round of buck shot in your mouthAnd blow the back of your fucking neck looseHillbillies run a rhyme like a headless gooseCuz you try burning down my crossThat’s ready racist hick named hausYou sleep in the barn and you fuck your horseBreak to the head, put your back on coarse, yeahBut ya know I chillIf I don’t flex on you, the others willStraight folks in the south won’t have itThey put a round in your racist ass quickThe coolest south team up with the northAnd blow that bigot off his fucking horseSo put away your goddamn twineCuz I’m a cut your pipe and take a little moonshineAnd drink it all upBarrels to your face and blow your fucking head offKeep on gunning cuz of what they saidPunk, I’ll put a slug in your bald headScalp a skinhead quickAnd your greasy-ass triple klan ain’t shitZip you up in the bagAnd I’ll shit on a motherfucking rebel flagYeah shit on a rebel flagFuck your rebel flag...Wilbur - I’m a cut his neckHaus - I’m a break his backGuber - I’m a stab his faceJed - I’m a slit his throatFelma lou - I’m a fuck her in the assI’m a stab that motherfucker in bitch ah!
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Rebel Flag Lyrics