He he heoh s**t he’s herehihi ya doingis this the right place for that furniture ahhyeah sure is come on inpretty nice place you got here cobwebs are a nice touch so that’s the couch ehyeah we got some um take a look at the apolstry right therethat’s pretty fuckin nice I haven’t seen whoa, you all right there? Excuse me real apolstryi ain’t seen nothin like that since s**t, like back in themother fuckeryou want my couchyou mother fuckeri need your muther fuckin brainyou can’t have my couchwhat da the f**k you thinkingnow come here you big fat muther f****r get on the tablei was never popular this I’ll admit f**k schoolschool never liked me coolall the kids would always beat me till I’m half deadmake fun of the size of my foreheadbut that s**t never bothered mesee momma and mother they owned a lot of propertythey had a science lab in the basementand that’s where my free timewell were my time was spenti made a mouse with a chicken head it clucked 3 timescluck cluck cluck then it was deadi made a lot of things thoughlike a frog with a turkey neck it was tha s**t yeahbut I’m still lonely I need a homieso I collected limbs and made me a zombiei could have made me a girlie friendbut f**k that I got my girlie right here yeahyou can call me mad professori will make a friend for meyou can call me mad professorwe will rule eternityso this is like where you livethat’s right why you don’t like iti mean oh my God it’s dirtydo you like? Hehe shut up bitchgive me your tippie toesi used some many body parts it was crazyi killed a whole bunch of muther f****r like what 80They all chipped in on my special friendeverything helps even if you got a finger to lend come oni hear the other children outsidekeep it down you little b*****s I’ll skin your fuckin hidetrunks full this parts wacksomehow I gotta attach this nut sackshit f**k I’m sawing of an elbowlooking at the meter on my quazar zifter lowor better yet look out the fuckin windowi see a storm comin it’s all most time to rollscrew the head on come on comeit’s the dugish rugish boneok it’s time hit the switch turn it up a hertzfuck s**t didn’t workyou can call me mad professori will make a friend for meyou can call me mad professorwe will rule eternityheyhey you call for a wreckersure did come on ini got the truck ready out side I’m gonna go aheadoh muther fucko what you’d hit mewith a fuckin frying pan or somethinwhat the f**k, You crazy muther fucko ow that s**t hurtscome herei’m gonna f**k you upget back herehe’s trying to kill meit wasn’t always easy let me tell yabut f**k that uhh cause I ain’t no failurei put the s**t with the veins and snip that wait a minuteyou here thatyeahit’s alive I just gotta wake it uphand me that rock and limepour it in the cup and give it to his a** wait hold up pausei ain’t cleaning his draws man f**k thatget him set get ’I'm ready it’s all most timepaint his ugly a** face up almost like minei see him twitching I’m on a rollhe can help me tell the whole world about the carnivalturn the hertz all the way up for this shitand just wait for that lightning bolt to hitdid it work you make the call? Shaggy? What up y’all? You can call me mad professori will make a friend for meyou can call me mad professorwe will rule eternity (3x)
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Mad Professer Lyrics