Ooo yes
Oo I miss you
Oh yes I do

I sit in my room,
Thinkin' about you
Wishin' that you, mm
Were right here with me
Along with the memories,
Of you in my heart
I can't believe
You walked out on me
Then turn your back on me

I'm gonna go on
Still lovin' you
For the rest of my life
Till the day that I die
I'll go on
Still lovin' you (lovin' you)
Maybe inside
When you'll realize, I love you

Oo yeah

Open your eyes up to me
I'm just a lonely man do all I can
So take another chance
That's all I ask of you
Girl we had our ups and owns
But that's all behind us now
If you don't want me to be a man
Trust me girl ill understand


Although your not here
Everynight girl I pray for your love
I'm on my knees
I'm beggin' you please
Baby I want you to stay

**Chorus x2**
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Still Loving You Lyrics

Innerlude – Still Loving You Lyrics