Do you feel smallDo you feel like nothingDo you feel like you're wasting your timeCan you stand sunlightDo you feel too muchHow will you know when you're brokenBut you know that the fear you feelComes back this time each dayAnd you know if you live a thousand years in silenceYou'll still feel this wayCan you see homeCan you see tomorrowCan you see the sun anymoreDo you walk the worldWaiting to be discoveredDo you wantWhat they said you can never haveAnd you know that her tears were takenAnd cooked up for the queenBut you will never find her nowShe's gone and her trail is far too cleanAnd every single moment feels like everything is wrongAnd everything around you says that this is not your homeAnd everybody else just seems to be already thereAnd you can't get from here to thereWithout some sort of help you've never seenIt's the white rosesIt's a spinning skyIt's a field with the sun in your eyesAnd do you ask yourself for helpTo get you through the dayAnd when you're on the street you findThe world's moving awaySpend all day under waterSpend all night curled in a ballAnd when you're all alone what reason Can you see for trying at all
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White Roses 1.0 Lyrics