In This Moment

In This Moment is an American metal band formed in 2005. They have released two albums to date, both on Century Media Records. The band's sound is recognizable mainly for vocalist Maria Brink's use of a combination of screaming and clean vocals.



In August 2005, singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth met through some common friends. After becoming acquainted, and finding that there was much in common between them, they began writing songs together. Soon thereafter they enlisted the help of Los Angeles drummer Jeff Fabb and formed the band Dying Star. Unhappy with where the band was headed, they decided to take on a new musical direction. By mid-2005, the lineup included Brink, Howorth, Fabb, guitarist Blake Bunzel, and bassist Josh Newell. The band recorded demos and posted them on MySpace, where they generated an internet following. The demos included rough versions of "Ashes", "The Legacy of Odio", "Next Life", "This Moment", and "Prayers", as well as a cover of Slayer's "Postmortem". During the summer of 2005, Newell departed from the band to focus on his other project, Ketaset, as well as his sound engineering work. Producer Pascual Romero (currently in Tinhorn) was then the bassist for a time before friend of the band Jesse Landry was eventually tapped to round out the band permanently. Rob "Blasko" Nicholson, the bassist for Ozzy Osbourne became the bands manager after discovering them through MySpace.

Beautiful Tragedy (2006-2008)

By the end of the 2005, In This Moment had generated a fanbase through internet marketing and do-it-yourself touring. This sparked an interest from Century Media Records, and a worldwide record deal followed. The band released their debut album Beautiful Tragedy on , 2007, backed by the singles "Prayers", and title track "Beautiful Tragedy." The album was produced by Eric Rachel and combined sounds of metalcore and hard rock while the lyrics drew from Brink???s personal experiences about abandonment and tragedies. The vocals on the songs alternates between Brink???s singing and screaming.

The quick success of the album pushed In This Moment on a few high profile tours including The Hottest Chicks in Metal Tour 2007 with Lacuna Coil, Ozzfest in the summers of 2007 and 2008, Megadeth, and the Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne tour.

The band also teamed up with Manntis for the cover of Lacuna Coil's Heaven's a Lie, part of "Century Media Records: Covering 20 Years of Extreme" cover album.

The Dream (2008-Latest)

In This Moment released their second album entitled The Dream on , 2008, with the lead off single "Forever." The album received mostly positive reviews and marked the band's debut on the Billboard Top 200, debuting at #70 in its first week of release. The album was produced by Kevin Churko and featured a less heavy approach, with a bigger focus on clean vocals from Brink.

To support the release, the band went on tour with Five Finger Death Punch, Mudvayne, Papa Roach, and Filter. They also appeared on the Give It a Name tour in the UK and will be on the 2009 Warped Tour line-up, playing on the Ernie Ball Stage. They've also been confirmed to play at Download Festival 2009 in Donington UK.

The song 'Forever' has been released as a Downloadable track for the Harmonix 'Rock Band' games.

The second single off "The Dream" is a cover of Blondie's Call Me. The cover appears on the special edition of the album 'Ultraviolet' to coincide with Warped Tour, which will include unreleased tracks and acoustic performances. Maria was hand-picked and contacted by Debbie Harry to do the cover of the famous Blondie song.


Maria Brink - lead vocals, piano (2005-present)
Chris Howorth - lead guitar, backing vocals (2005-present)
Blake Bunzel - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2005-present)
Jesse Landry - bass, backing vocals (2005-present)
Jeff Fabb - drums, percussion (2005-present)
Former members
Josh Newell - bass, backing vocals (2005)
Pascual Romero - bass (2005)

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