You know there's something bout a sexy song
(That really)
Turns me on (and makes me)
Feel at home

(And a) A melody always sounds so sweet
(As it) Slowly calls
(Your body) next to me
(And a) A beautiful smooth conversation

(Just to) Show my love
(And it) Expresses just how
I want to prove how everything would be
If you spent the rest of your life with me..

[Chorus: x 2]
Beautiful you are
You mean the world to me
More than anything
Girl my life depends
On your warm embrace is to feel & taste...

Baby I promise the whole world to you
(Any) Thing you want
(Baby) I will do and

And just to prove to you that I can be
(All you're) Lookin for
(Trust and) Honesty
It's just the simple things that you do
(So just) Hold my hand
(Let me) Sing to you babe
A way to say baby that I thank you
(For being) Who you are
(Brighter) Then a star...


Your love
The sweetest thing I've ever known
And your touch
Brings a warmth to my heart
My heart it all starts with you
It feels like heaven
'Cause all that I am
Is all I give...

[Chorus: x 2]
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Beautiful (You Are) Lyrics

Imx – Beautiful (You Are) Lyrics

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