All will hear my voice
Change the course of time
My fury disrupts the world
Reward me with wonders beyond my dreams

So easy for me to believe
So easy for me to see
That the path I’m walking down
Was chosen for me

When the time has come, all will know my name
And with these hands I will own the day
Tearing down the sun, leave my youth behind
Only just a child, I will shed my life
My innocence made me easy prey
Stole my thoughts and fed me theirs
Another faceless child, another holy solider
Ripped apart by lies and send into their war

I’m too far gone, its taken control of me
There’s no turning back
My time has finally come
For this moment, I am God

I’ve sacrificed my life for you
And given everything I was
Revere this precious gift of mine
Your son will never rise again

The world will watch me die
In a blaze of twisted glory
Will you believe what I have done?
Or forget that I was your son?
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Son Of Iniquity Lyrics

Immolation – Son Of Iniquity Lyrics