Will I, truly make for myself a name?
Will I, ever exel in this game?
Will I, ever really be who I be?
A person, a Christian, musician, emcee?

Will I ever truly be set apart,
from the world that controls all the sounds
of my heart?
Will I ever really make it without going pop?
Am I truly sold out to God or hip-hop?
Will I ever find the balance of the two in between?
Am I wack cause I dig Rage Against the Machine?
Will I make it to the point where I can be me?
Will heads like me if I'm dissed by a dope emcee?
Will I love, will I fly, will I rapture, will I die?
Am I dumb, am I numb,
cause the apple of my eye
is the sound of the found,
do I search for a pound?
Am I down if dap ain't found when turned around?
Will I grow, learning to do better in my sessions?
Am I wack if I break down
and take guitar lessons?
If I don't use metaphors, will rhymes be silly?
Will they really?

Here I am askin' all the questions of life,
Do I love her enough to really make her my wife?
Will I ever fall just one too many times?
That I lose all my skill, thus affecting my rhymes.
Will my actions ever mach up to my rap?
Will I make one hit and then fall off the map?
Am I not a good enough emcee for my God?
Cause my rhymes ain't the best but I still try hard.
Will I be looked on as the opposite of good?
Cause a middle class white-kid
don't come from the hood.
And the ghetto, I ain't really that familiar with.
Should I throw in my mic and towel,
just to quit?
If I changed one decision with one human being,
Would I still be practicing this art of emcee'n'?
Am I a musician if I play the mpc? Not really.

Will I reach the full potential of my plan?
If I turn around is there two prints in the sand?
If I lost a battle rap would I still have fans left?
To sing and play guitar, do I gotta be Clef?
Am I doubtin' His word if I stop to think,
will my pen one day just stop producin' ink?
Will I think of rhymes just to one day stop?
Is a head a head if he likes more than hip-hop?
Will I?
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Will I Lyrics

Ill Harmonics – Will I Lyrics

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