I love girls
There all over this world
Like to look at ya

Well I'm gonna tell you about girls.
They're all over this world
Some have beautiful shapes
I want to live to be ninety-eight

Yeah, somebody to talk to
And I like to look at you
Yeah, somebody to talk to
And I love to look at you

'Cause you're a real fine girl
Last week in Paree
I was hanging down with Suzee
That crazy French magazine

She turned me backwards to a new scene
'Cause she was somebody to talk to
And to tell my troubles to
She was somebody that's so fine

Worth my looking in to
She's a beautiful girl, girl, girl
Oh, and the living is easy

The girls are jumping
And the cotton is high
Your daddy is rich
And your mama's good looking

So hush little baby
And don't you cry
'Cause you're a real fine girl
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Girls Lyrics

Iggy Pop – Girls Lyrics

Songwriters: IGGY POP
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