Ever so gently
As time goes by, day after day
Your voice still echos as my heart still decays
I hate to say that I'm missing you
I'm slowly wasting away (if you only knew)
I think about you a hundred times at night
But I wish you would come back and make this right
Cause my life seems so dead when you're gone
Just come back to me, I simply can't go on

I look in the mirror to the reflection of us
Then I'm back in reality (there's no where left to run)
Where are you now? Are you missing me too?
It's tearing me apart, there's no me without you
I still can feel your breath on me
Ever so gently
I just need you, want you, I love you, I long you

Our memories flash as tears drown my eyes
Sorrow over flows as another part of me dies
I can't take anymore, I just need to leave
And forget about all the us, ours, and we's
But then I love you, it's messing me up
I need to forget you, I've had enough

I lay in my bed hugging my pillow so close
And next to me, I can feel your beautiful ghost
I reach out slowly to touch your skin
But then I realize, you only exist within

Gently gently gently gently...
Ever so gently (2xs)
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Ever So Gently Lyrics

Ickest – Ever So Gently Lyrics