So, I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist and you can skip this track if you don't really want to hear it
I don't trust the government, the news and most media
It's time we evolve this little world like eevee huh?
Oh! Just made a pokemon reference. The rich are the kings and the poor are the peasants
If you can see clearly, not darkly like a scanner then you know it's time for change like thor drops the hammer

All they want is more, can they ever have enough
The government should fold, it's time we call all of their bluffs
If your sick of all the lies and your sick of all the bull shit
Sing along with me as I go through this short list
More weed, more bass, more love, more change
More truth, more peace, less hate, less greed

The financial elite pretty much control the world
These crooked politicians make we want to fucking hurl
A government run and controlled by corperations
I say it's time for change if you know what I'm saying
News flash! This just in
The people are sick of all this shit
Doctors using drugs to brainwash our kids
Disagree with what they say and they just say here, take this.

I believe in aliens, you can call me crazy
I saw a ufo and it really just amazed me
Sober when I saw it, so I wasn't confused
You can say that I'm a liar but I'm telling the truth
You can bet your ass if there's an "alien" invasion that the government was up to it
We're just the pawns they're playing
Stage an attack to form the new world order
Never have enough they want control of all borders

Sounds far fetched but it wouldn't surprise me
World domination don't take it lightly
Taking our freedom like the string from a sweater
It all unravels and they swear it's for the better
One by one they take our rights away
They say that it's all just to keep us safe
Tell me is it all just to keep us safe?
When they're spraying peaceful people with pepper spray?
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Conspiracy Theorist Lyrics

I Eat Lightning – Conspiracy Theorist Lyrics