Well the kids all laugh
Point their fingers and call her names
''cause she don't look like them
And her family's kinda strange

But when she looks at me that way
It makes me smile and want to say
I'd be glad for you to stay
When I think about her

She eats alone and walks home
Without a friend in sight
And everybody else is hangin'
While she's home very friday night

It makes me sad to see her face
Filled with doubt and and oughta place
It makes my mind drift into space
When I think about her

Never had someone to truly care
Pop never could find the time to spare
She grew up tough and that's alright
I want her to see that they're not like me
Well I wanna hang with her tonight

Well I walked up to her
And asked if she'd like to dance
But she turned, ran away
And didn't give me a second glance
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When I Think About Her Lyrics

Huntingtons – When I Think About Her Lyrics