Fell in love in high school
With a brown haired, green eyed girl
I walked her home most everyday
Held her hand, I held the world
We made our plan to run away
I couldn't wait to share her life
We started countin' down the days
She couldn't wait to be my wife

I got a job and bought a car
I turned eighteen that spring
By summer had my own place
And I bought my baby's ring
Fell in with the wrong crowd
Breakin' laws, I broke her heart
By autumn was in handcuffs
Baby's cryin' out in her front yard
And that's what hurt the most
I saw it in her green eyes
She had seen a ghost

My mama saw me every week
Tried her hardest not to cry
She told me that she loved me
Disappointment in her eyes
I said, "Mama, I love you too
And I'm gonna make you proud one day"
A month before I got out
They told me mama passed away

And that's what hurt the most
I saw it in her eyes, her son was a ghost
I hate this life I chose
Long before she died her son was a ghost
Now I got my freedom
But it feels like emptiness
In front of the apartment
Where your sister says you live
And there's another man, who fills my empty shoes
And darlin' you don't see me
But you know that I see you, I drift off

I'm gonna fade away
Beyond the city lights
I'm gonna fade away
Through the empty night
I'm gonna fade away
Drifting out your life
I wanna fade away
Through the empty night
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Ghost Lyrics

House Of Heroes – Ghost Lyrics

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