Dozens of punches
Give up those car keys
And walk to the new year

Ignore these michievous motives
My balance and focus
Get blurry when you're here

I want my Chirstmas day in the sun
All I want this year is California
It's not too much to ask for
Christmas day in the sun
I need a better way to spend the new year
As long as you're around-

Raindrops are painted on rooftops
Locals, they don't stop
I know where it's headed

I'm not cut out for these parties
I know where my heart is
I try and forget it


Their faces always blurred away
When we were young
I heard you say
It's yours to lose
It's yours to lose

Don't say I'll wait
You don't have to remember
I'm out of excuses

I hear the echos of us
In the station
They're pointing and laughing

Reminding me
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Christmas Day In The Sun Lyrics

Hot Hot Heat – Christmas Day In The Sun Lyrics