[Chorus: x2]
Look after me and I will look after you
That's something we both forgot to do

I find it hard to see your face, do do de de hay
Cannot remember it well enough, only the details such, then I see it in my head,
When I am with you its familiar and beautiful, and ?

As night comes in I know it better, seeing it clear again

[Chorus: x2]

'Cause if I squint then I see your so, far from me, far from me
As if my miracle I see the room I see ?

The words and images they come back to me, back to me
Crystal clear in my head, but its behind the screen

[Chorus: x3]

Every time I see your face I break down and cry,
I see it in your family as they walk on by

[Repeat: x2]
Come back to me and ill come back to you,
That's something we don't always do
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Look After Me Lyrics

Hot Chip – Look After Me Lyrics

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