Artist: Hot Boys f/ Baby
Album: Let 'Em Burn
Song: Young Riders

Off top, peep this lil' four youngstas out
Watch how they lay it down

Say baby, hand me the chopper, let me cuttin' loose
N***a talkin' crazy but lil' daddy ain't +Bulletproof+
Put him in the water with the sharks, let me see if he can swim
Ya playin' wit'cha life wodie, you hangin' on a limb
Boy y'kno you scared and I know you is
You been talkin' a whole lotta s**t but lemme tell you this
I'ma Hot Boy a-k-a the Juvenile
Come in through your door with that iron - callin' ya out
You want do? Ya b***h you
Got me all rav'd up and s**t and I'm ready ta split you
+Tha G-Code+ I live by it and die by it
If you play with me - ya playing with ya life right
This ain't no walk in the park - it's a walk in the pen
Ni***z try'na take that a**, make it their girlfriends
Na' eat that meat, fold my clothes
'cause all you ni***z ain't nothing but hoes

N***a what? I don't give a f**k
Lil' bgeezy show these ni***z you don't give a f**k

[B. G.]
My presidents make a n***a break it off
Be'cause they know if they don't off this earth
I'ma take them off, n***a I play it raw
You think about droppin' your nuts, better pick them up
'cause you and everybody wish that I'ma hit 'em up
So n***a give me mine, don't make me have ta take it
'cause I put your family in a f****d up situation
Your mama like where my son at?
Everybody know I done that
But the law, don't know where the gun at
So they can't touch me, can't question me
Can't f**k wit me - so it's an unsolved mystery
Bgeezy a dawg yea
Don't give a f**k about the law
Ready ta send you ta the morgue yea
Have you feelin' like a number 2 pencil
When I put that lead in you
They fly ta H-Town in Continental
Live with a bad b***h, have my hoe strapped too
I got a Mac-11, she got a tec-22

Block of blocks, I rob ni***z
Better drop it like it's hot 'fore you die n***a
You can think it's a game if you want, they fly n***a
Them hollows hit you live, uh uh n***a
You be left as a memory, on a fresh white is ya picture
I keep it on the low, so no one a know that I did ya
Playin' like that, these days ni***z a stain ya
Play the game rap, kidnap ya L. G. And (rape) her
I'm dirty so they call me low down - where I'm from
Shot first, I can't miss with a chopper with a drum
I'm shootin' ta kill - no wheel chairs or s**t bags
I shoot you in places where I know you gon' die fast
Ya head and ya chest wodie
Catch ya dippin' by ya whole house when ya loaded
Give it too ya in blood, that's one way of solvin' problems my n***a
Come around my spot - don't know ya that's a problem my n***a

[Lil' Wayne]
All I know is bend swangin' - make the enemy block scorch
N***a I been hangin' - oh I ain't just jump off out the porch
I'ma iron toter, my ni***z got me drinkin' Henne' - got my mind towed up
So all I do is +Spin tha Bend+ I keep my rag top
I had it on ever since the day my dad died
And now it's on and I'm ready for guerilla war
This C. M. B. - y'kno who my only ni***z are, the 17th
I put it down for my lil' thug ni***z - too young ta get in the club ni***z
But waitin' front so when you come out they bust n***a
Trust n***a, this shorty wild
And I been thuggin' with bgeezy - he taught me how
Now play with me and watch it catch it fire
I hit'cha block with the long clip - ride it - fryer
Now watch how I make my bullets spread like gengivitis
Lil' Wayne - Cash Money Record's young rider, young rider

There you have it n***a, off top, four lil' youngstas
Knockin' ni***z d**k in they dirt, ya understand?
So if you can't get with this here put ya d**k in the sand
N***a we got this s**t, lockin' this s**t, doin' this s**t
Cash Money Millionaires and Fresh droppin' this s**t
N***a if you'ont like it you can suck my d**k
What Ha! - what Ha! - what Ha! - what Ha! - what Ha! - what Ha!- what Ha!
We doin' this b***h, get it or get with it
If not Moth*****k ya n***a
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Young Riders Lyrics