Caught force
Looked over
Courting gravity we're older
We all found out we're weightless
And leaden with potential
Water filters the screams of dead sailors
Lift off a bridge
Swim left of Sacramento
The last thing we see
Is tail lights with strings
And time is spinning out a way
One photograph back
A tunnel is shrinking
No flash no love nothing involved
At the start of it all

Don't even try
To maximize these plans
I steal
I catch this wind
After all of my lies
Don't you dare fall for
How I could be depends
On the cold you bring
Don't bend down to the world
Don't even try to

The image you cast over me
Is just a subterfuge
I can be a ghost
Ot the hero that says... My darling
Why don't you save yourself
If we die
We'll leave some behind
To lust for what seems like
The performance of a life
We've incriminated hesitation

In bending (been) down to the world
Live(d) it all
The earth will follow through
Like we give love
For a chance
To make capital
They said bend down to the world
If we could see more than we believe (...
...) then we believe
The earth would swallow you
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East Of 1989 Lyrics

Hopesfall – East Of 1989 Lyrics