We all must be united and
Get ready to fight, against your disrespect and hardliner's neglect.

All those straight edge
Fashion's rules that is supposed to be fucking cool. Goal is build a family, do not drink and always stay drug free. I'm maybe not cool but the hardcore scene, it still rules... Some lyrics talk against me but loud sound makes me crazy.

Like each and every day, I try to find where's the party and like each and everynight, my consomation ignite. Fuck hardliners... Those who think that we're all losers. Respect my convictions cause I respect you with a lot of comprehension.

I'm not Straight Edge.
I am Self-Edge.

I must chose by my own. Don't be enemy' cause we must create unity. We choose our own motherfuckin' path and I'm never gonna change.

Don't be enemy.
We must create unity
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I'm Not Straight Edge Lyrics

Hopeless Nation – I'm Not Straight Edge Lyrics

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