Hey! Hey!
(Hey!) Hey!
I saw her at a club,
I thought I fell in love
She's dancing on the stage,
She was showing off her legs
I was trying not to flirt,
But she lifted up her skirt
My eyes popped out of my head
She came up to me,
And she kissed me on the cheek
I really really hoped that she's over eighteen
She's acting kinda young,
She's having too much fun
Her mom came to pick her up

She's sixteen
Won't leave me alone
She knows that I'm way too old too
She's sixteen
She won't leave me alone

She wanted to get busy,
She wanted to get jiggy
She whispered in my ear,
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Sixteen Lyrics

Home Grown – Sixteen Lyrics

Songwriters: JOHN T. TRAN
Sixteen lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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