Hladno Pivo

Hladno pivo (trans. "Cold beer") is a Croatian punk rock band. It is one of most popular rock bands in Croatia.

Early history

The band was formed in Zagreb. It initially consisted of four members: Zok, Tedi, Suba, Mile. The band started playing under the influence of bands like Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Mot?¶rhead, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Metallica, Zabranjeno pu??enje, Elektri?ni orgazam, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Azra. In 1997, Stipe joined the band.

On the 1988 the band held their first concert in Kumrovec, Croatia. In 1988 band has also held an unsuccessful concert at lake Jarun in Zagreb, due to the drummer of the band which played before them refusing to leave the drums for Hladno pivo.

In 1989 Stipe left the band. This year was also important because Zok, Tedi, Suba and Mile recorded their first demo. The demo consisted of six songs: "F??r immer Punk" (a Goldene Zitronen cover), "Bonzo", "Savr??eni marginalci", "Niemals", "Buntovnik" and "?eli?ne zavjese". The demo was recorded at Jozo in Tre??njevka, Zagreb. One week later, Mile and Zok were sent to do their military service.

When they returned from military service in 1990 they started playing again. The result were songs: "Princeza", "Heroin", "Dobro ve?e", "Trening za umiranje", "Buba ??vabe", "Zakaj se tak' obla?i??", "Pjevajte ne??to ljubavno". These songs were recorded at Denis (a.k.a. Denyken) in Sopot, Zagreb. These songs, along with modified "Marginalci" were published as a cassette in production of Megatherium rec.

Road to fame

Soon after Hladno pivo held their concerts in KSET and Video-teatar, they were accepted by the public. They soon recorded a music video of the song "Buba ??vabe" (remake of Toy Dolls' song "Spiders in the Dressing Room") in Mile's house for 200 German marks. This music video was broadcast as a part of a television music show called Hit-depo in April of 1992. This allowed the band to be introduced to whole of Croatia. The same year A. Draga?? and T. ? unji? offered the band to make a record as T.R.I.P. records. T.R.I.P. records had in that time negotiated with Croatia Records. The result of the collaboration was the T.R.I.P. zone compilation where Hladno pivo appeared with two songs. On 1992 in Ljubljana, Slovenia Hladno pivo opened for KUD Idijoti. The band also appeared on the Tivoli festival with Dr. Nele Karajli? and his fraction of Zabranjeno pu??enje. The same year in November the band makes its first album - D??inovski at the Best Musicstudio, in Vrbik, Zagreb.

D??inovski was published in 1993 and was a hit. After D??inovski, Hladno pivo held about ten concerts in Croatia and Slovenia. In June 1993 Tedi left the band and was replaced by Had??o from grindcore group Patareni. After that the band started practising a lot. While they were preparing for their next album, they held about 40 concerts across Croatia, Slovenia and a concert in Bregenz, Austria. In 1993 Hladno pivo was awarded with the Porin music award for best alternative rock album.

On 1994 Hladno pivo performed in Dom sportova, Tre??njevka opening for the Ramones. In February 1995 the band records their second album called G.A.D. under T.R.I.P. records - Croatia Records. The album G.A.D. appeared on the market in May 1995. On January 19 1996 Hladno pivo held a concert in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. In March 1997 the bend chose Jabukaton from Ljubljana, Slovenia as their recording studio and recorded their third album Desetka. On 20th of September 2008 they performed in front of 20 000 people on band's 20th birthday in Zagreb

After the 1998 concert in Celje, Slovenia, Had??o left the band, and was replaced by ? okec (bass guitar). In 1999 Suba had to do his military service and was temporary replaced with Matko from Makarska, Croatia. Their fourth album Pobjeda was recorded from till 1999, this time under Gajba Records in collaboration with Dancing Bear. Gajba Records was founded because of the band's need to have a better control of the recording of the album. The band had two new members: Stipe (trumpet) from Makarska, Croatia and Milko (keyboards).

Hladno Pivo performs at the 2007 EXIT festival.
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