I used to be the only thing,
You'd ever wanna talk about.
You used to be the only one,
I'd ever wanna care about.
Now you say the time has come,
For a little change of scenery.
But don't you know you're looking at,
The finest thing you'll ever see.

I just can't let you go,
No matter how I try.
For I still love you so,
How do I make you see.
You're the world to me,
I can't you go.

They say the time will heal the pain,
And love is gonna turn around.
But I can't accept the fact you're gone,
I wonder what it's all about.
You say that you can not explain,
The kind of phase you're goin' through.
But I would run a million miles,
Just to make it back to you.

[repeat chorus]

(You shine a light)
You shine a light when it was dark.
(You brought the sun)
You brought the sun back in my life.
(You showed me things)
You showed me things i never knew.
(I'm so into you)
I'm so completely into you.

I still believe.
That's why i'm holding,
To you...

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Can't Let You Go Lyrics

Hind – Can't Let You Go Lyrics