Another whole of nothing fit to size based on shattered
Bit by shallow, jump the chance to prove them wrong
Always passing the infinite with inquisition
It's never me, it's never no one

Let it hover, let it hang like a hex
Among the skeptics and schism, it's the hope heartfelt
Scandal take flight on the winds of escapades
Wither inward from the alluring stray

The bull of kinship propelled by the whip
Sinister, a stern mystique, wise blood to black lung
It's undying love is the heart of this machine
The road of corrosion, unruly, to solitary existence

Can't turn back loss time, can't turn back loss life
What did they do to deserve this
Conclusion revealing each passing wait choosing battles
Who lose in culmination I'm not the adversary but I am guilty

Outpouring in ordinary see all sides by disagree
The road is corroded with solitary confinement
The dust will settle once and for all
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Wither Lyrics

Himsa – Wither Lyrics