name is Hermione And
I am the best Oh
Yes I'm
Unpleasent and whiney But
I ace every test And
though I'm commited To
owning my iq My
friends are dimwitted and, I
only have the, two Ron.


name is Ron Weasley And
I'm also the best I
cry rather easily And
I'm your love intrest Were
going to get married What
do you think of that My
best man will be Harry Your
bridesmaid will be your cat Hermione.


find it quite depressing That
your my only option But
if you are I'm, stressing That
we settle for adoption My
kids shall not be tainted By
your ugly ginger face Nor'
shall we be aquainted Any
further than first base Ron.

*(Spoken)* What's

first base Hermione?

*(Spoken)* Eye

Contact Ron


your so lovley I
quiver and I shake Even
when you shove me Into
the great lake And
hold me under water With
your dainty foot If
you were any hotter I
would turn too soot Ron.

*(Spoken)* Soot's

a funny word Hermione.

*(Spoken)* You

know what else is a funny word Ron

*(Spoken)* What


*(Spoken)* I

hate you Ron.

*(Spoken)* Oh

You! make me laugh Hermione
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My Name Is... Lyrics

Hermione Granger & Ron Weasly – My Name Is... Lyrics

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