I am perfection my darling, sweeter than any valentine rose.
She said, "Early tomorrow I will call for you"
I said "No, my dear I won't wake for you"
She said "I crave for you"
I said "I crave for you too when our hearts sink to the floor
And I'm the only one who steals your eyes"

Fighting for love on the catwalk and I'm her latest outfit.
She said, "Please kill me with your words"
I said "Please show some remorse"
Draw the blood spilling from my hands, there's no time for love.
And give my life a horror rating, there's no time for love.
For love.
He bares the kiss that will tear romance in two but I captured your beauty.
I won't follow the fashion s** created.
Our lips will never bleed again.
I did this for you, my love
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Love On The Catwalk Lyrics

Her Words Kill – Love On The Catwalk Lyrics