I know how to hold you till the morning sun comes up
I know how to kiss you till you just ant get enough
I know how to draw you in from across a crowded room
And when you get to me boy I know what to do

I don't know nothing about this heart ache
I don't know how to watch my whole world walk away
You told me ill survive it someway
So ell me what do I do now,
When tears fall down
When tears fall down

Now I hear my lonely voice echo off these walls
I listen for the phone but you don't ever call
I lay in a bed alone and still reach out for you
Well this house ain't nothing but cold and empty tomb


I do not like this place
Its got me so afraid
This ain't the promise that you made to me


[Repeats till fade]
Tears fall down
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When Tears Fall Down Lyrics