[Words: Rettke]
[Music: Rettke, Paeth, Bilski]

We're standing here amazed and stare
At a place we couldn't reach
We're standing all together now
And it's time we need a preach

In the last rays of the settin sun
We kindle up the flame
You're waiting for that night to run
As we waited for that fame

Infected with that virus
We can feel the fever grow
This heat splits up your body
And it's time to start the show

We're rising up like thunderstorm
With power, heat and pain
The heatstrokes of this metal gear
Are boiling up your veins

We can't stop rockin'
As we slip into the night
We can't stop rockin'
And we're standing side by side
We can't stop rockin'
Got a kick from iron hell
We can't stop rockin'
And we're waiting for that yell

We're entering the stages
At the bottom we feel safe
This rock's residing in your heart
From the cradle to the grave

Within this open fire
The hammer's coming down
And starting up that fireworks
Of feeling, light and sound


All the years we bore the load
Now we're ready to explode
Now we got the time to lead
Rock 'n' roll is what we need
Rock 'n' roll is what we need

Watch out!
Listen to your heart and to your soul
Watch out!
Listen there is time for rock 'n' roll
Come on and get it any time you need
We'll be there for you satisfaction guaranteed

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Can't Stop Rockin' Lyrics

Heavens Gate – Can't Stop Rockin' Lyrics