I've tried my best, to hear out the masses,
I've heard it all, from A to Z,
I've read it all, been to all of the classes,
And still I'm tryin', but I just can't see
Through the smoke and

I, don't want it, this confusion,
I, don't wanna, false solution,
Give me somethin', to hold on to,
I want what you have cause you have what I need

I know it's hard, to be yourself when,
You're not sure, just who that is,
All I wanted, was satisfaction,
But all I got, was empty fists
Can you hear me?


All I wanted was honesty,
And that was something only you give,
It took forever just to realize that I had to give
Myself away, so I could see your face,
And learn how to live,
I can't erase your mark
You may take every thing else away...

[Chorus: x2]
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You Have What I Need Lyrics

Hawk Nelson – You Have What I Need Lyrics