Writer: fred rose
Artist: hank williams on the 10 cd boxset cd 6 track 2
Contributor: felton hall a target=_top href=http://www.pine-net.com/felton75>http://www.pine-net.com/felton75 /a>

Key: e
(if you dont know e very well throw a capo on the 2nd fret and play it in d)

(e) faded love and winter roses (b7) always bloom in memo(e)ry
Faded love and winter roses (b7) yearning hearts that used to (e)be

(a)will they meet again tomorrow (e)where we parted yester(b7)day
(e)give me back the winter roses (b7)and the love you took a(e)way

(e)faded love and winter roses (b7)sprinkled with a lonely (e)tear
Faded love and winter roses (b7)still recall each yester(e)year

(a)will I always be a dreamer (e)dreaming of the used to (b7)be
(e)faded love and winter roses (b7)live and die in memo(e)ry
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Faded Love & Winter Roses Lyrics

Hank Williams – Faded Love & Winter Roses Lyrics

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