Here comes the night,
And for me,
Is the best part of the day,
Even if i´m alone,
I still sing a song,
No matter what the people say,
I don´t have another way.

Screaming loud, a bottle on the ground
With my friends, sitting around
Don´t really matter what´s going on
I just care about this song
Uh, I like the sunset
It brings me back the moon
It brings me back the moon

I look at the sun,
Is already gone,
The blue of sky is turning black,
I´m waiting for her,
Within my cigar box,
It´s seems to be so different,
It´s all gone so quiet.

It brings me back the moon

When she arrives
I´ll sing the songs there I done
Until now it as been
This way

[Chorus: x2]
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My Wonder Moon Lyrics

Hands On Approach – My Wonder Moon Lyrics

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