I know what its like to be forgotten
Left alone with your simple dreams
But even dreams are fading fast
No one to turn to when you cant sleep at night
Waking up to another day that will soon be over
And if you think that time has forgotten you
Well just look into my eyes
And know the times well change

Dont hold back your love
I know its here
I wanna see it come to life before my eyes
Dont hold back your love
Show me your heart
Cause I will always be here by your side

Dont be mistaken theres still some work to do
Gotta get up every single day
Face the judge and jury
No one will notice theyve got their own lives
Weve got something they all want
Itll be their surprise
And if you think there is no place to run
Just hold onto my hand
And face whatever comes

One more chance to find the higher ground
One more chance before the curtains down
One more night to turn your life around again
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Don't Hold Back Your Love Lyrics