Lyrics: daryl hall, john oates
Music: daryl hall

Got a good education now
And Im ready for the world (yeah)
Weve been going together
Its gonna last forever, it aint never gonna change
Im a real hard charger (yeah)
Everybodys gonna listen to me
Were a winning combination, that nobodys gonna rearrange

Big kids breakin up cause theyre lookin for fun
Everybodys leavin, boy-girl on the run
My situations static, theres no reason to fear
Its too calm around me and it cant happen here

Big kids - think they know it all
Big kids - think theyve got the world up against the wall
All the grown-ups show me that theyre only big kids in disguise
Who do you think your leaders are? big kids
Who do you think your heros are? big kids
I may never reach maturity but, baby, Im gonna try
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Big Kids Lyrics