So Let's Get Together (2)
C'mon, C'mon... I Want, I want

I want Get With You
Cause u Got a Lot
You Sure Enough Kickin
You Loookin Hot
I want Get With You
If u got The Time
Baby we can Swing it
But u better make up your mind
I gotta Get With You
Gonna make u sweat
I can't wait just to make u wet
And If get with u
Can't forget the crew
So u can get your girlfriends
And I'm gonna get u
I'm gonna get u

I want Get With You
I want Get With You
I want Get With You
I want Get With You

I wanna get with u
Tell me is that much to ask for
Nothing more than spare minute
I got time, If u wanna get with it
Whatever u want I'll get it
I got cash now help me spend it
Don't worry if u broke I'll fix it
Like a flat then blow u up wicked
Got the ingredients u need me to mix it
So baby let me go to work
I'll show u how I go to work
Have the whole thing sewed up like a shirt
Give me a chance to show u
Spend some time, I need time to know u
We're in like the new Jack Swing
Until it's Through
I wanna get with u

U got what I want
You're so fine
I cannot Front
On my knees
Beggin u Please
I would do anything in the world
To get with u

Let me freak u, freak u girl
I f u think u can rock my world
Bring all the girls 2 the men with clout
Then we'll see who can bust who out
If I had the chance 2 get with u
There's nothing in the world that I can't do
Say we get together tomorrow at two
I wanna get with u, Ummm!

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I Wanna Get With U Lyrics

Guy – I Wanna Get With U Lyrics

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