I like drinking whiskey
I like being straight
I like a voodoo spinners
And I like live bait

I like a hundred miles an hour
I like Sunday driving too
I like being alone with me
I like being alone with you

Give me a bowl of chili
Give me milk and toast
As long as you're dishing it out Lord
I'll take a little of both

I could do with someone
But I could do without
Sometimes you feel like dancing
Sometimes like sitting it out

I like staying at home
And I like going to town

("And I can't help going to town")
As long as I got a choice
I can't turn nothing down


Put a little gravy on everything for me

Sometimes I like to fly
Sometimes I have to crawl,
Sometimes I'm cool as ice
Sometimes I'm climbin' the wall

Sometimes it's just the money
Sometimes it's just a game
Six of one and half-a-dozen
Of another is all the same

[Chorus: x2]
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A Little Of Both Lyrics

Guy Clark – A Little Of Both Lyrics

Songwriters: Thompson, Verlon / Clark, Guy
A Little Of Both lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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