I'm so cold and empty, growing in me a non-existent life
I can't take this anymore - I'll kill myself today
Jesus has possessed me 10 years ago
Don't let me free
I'm trying to get rid of him
But stronger that me
Encircled me
Torture me
The destiny
Power of the cross
I've never felt-holy bible
Don't exist
How could I reach the end
There is no answer with crucifix in my hand
He took my life away
His history enchain me defiled and put me in... cut me to pieces
I' will kill myself and he will die too
I'm going insane
Getting weaker
Kneeling in my room
From the first cut to the last drop of blood
Pain I'm enjoying the tortured moan of agony
My heart is barely pumping
I can get all I want to be
My arms are bleeding
Eyes are turning to empty sockets
As I leave my body behind
I'm out of my own body
Dead white-face starting at me
I know that was me grabbing
The knife-end is near on my chest
Bloody words are flowing
Speardind my arms
Reading Jesus is dead
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Purify By Suicide Lyrics