Tricyclic looper breaks his neckBrings down the walls says it coolTricyclic looper says come onTries it ? that’s not my schoolTricyclic looper free the manThe man who earns a chain a dayTryiclic looper it’s a gasFreedom now and have some classTry issues field the playTry with me that’s okayDrive around all your wayDrive meTry issues field the playTry with me that’s okayDrive me around your wayDrive meCome on loop, loopTricyclick looper loves his jobChoose it that way he’s a slobTricyclick looper loves his jobScreams and shouts takes some drugsAnd ride it outTricyclic looperFreedom manFreedom chump who broke his handsTricyclic looper all they wayAll the day and all decayShe don’t nose around meI’m okay withoutDon’t you break me bottle babyI’m the one that said thatTriciclic looper triciclic looperTriciclic looperCome on loop
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Tricyclic Looper Lyrics

Guided By Voices – Tricyclic Looper Lyrics