And now we see eye to eyeThat another man’s trash is collectibleAnd every weakness is correctibleBe leaving here quite soon nowBe pushing off to the moon nowAnd my I have had quite a timeAnd the mosh pit is filledWith memrobilia yeahAnd if you’d have stayedThey’d have killed yaAnd taken you home anytime nowAnd I had a very nice time nowChorus: we are not so cold, are we? They are not so bold, are they? And I am getting old, aren’t i? Repeat chorusAnd how did you like my clothes? I wore them so that they wouldn’t ? ? dop? ? us
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He’s The Uncle Lyrics

Guided By Voices – He’s The Uncle Lyrics

Songwriters: POLLARD, ROBERT E. JR.
He’s The Uncle lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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