The color of my blade is redRemember what you saidPerfection is killing the freaks yeahEven as we speak yeahDon’t you ? ? ? Now it was decided? ? ? the warThe silence will rise to a shout yeah? ? ? ? You told us we’d see it throughThe practical joker police cameTo knock down doors and to leave blameI remember what you told themThe color of my blade is goldenThey didn’t come back anymoreYou should’ve decided to lay it out on the floorBe sure to instruct them to leave youCause they no longer would believe youIt’s worthless to ? ? ? you throughDon’t you come back anymore
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Color Of My Blade Lyrics

Guided By Voices – Color Of My Blade Lyrics

Songwriters: POLLARD, ROBERT E. JR.
Color Of My Blade lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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