Six guns alone and aEmotional avalancheSix bottles of rum and aKilo full of character changeI don’t have to come out on my ownBarricade{chorus}I walked into the (line of fire/blinding light) and took itOn chin again and I can’t find my medicationOr my occupationBut please don’t show me the things should see (anymore)In the finger paint I’ve been dabblingWith the 60 vessels of the oceanIn the critical line (cryptical lie) of the fashion world I becomeThe agressor of no one.Takes a stronger wind to blow out thisCandle than the other fires I’ve madeAnd the lion (lying) mouth won’t blow my handleKnocking down myBarricadeBlowing up myBarricadeLittle child little childWon’t you dance with meLittle child little childLittle childWon’t you dance with me{chorus}Go away and leave alone toWork the crossroadA nowhere (runaway) train, I’m leaving (I need)To find a long lost brother (railroad bound and gagged)Moutain day. I leave today to (I’m feeling the need)Think it over. lost my homeDon’t find my homeLet me walkI can stand on my own two feetI don’t care what you doI don’t like youBe a clown be a manBe all you can beAnd you don’t have toStay.It’s all over now.
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Barricade Lyrics

Guided By Voices – Barricade Lyrics